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Thirty year old Tammie Newton was once very optimistic, joyful, outgoing and focused. Within a year, she lost her mother who was also her best friend. The death ripped her soul apart. Tammie’s attempt to adjust to this new norm has been very difficult. With her recent loss, Tammie’s at a serious crossroad emotionally and spiritually. Will Tammie rely on her faith to get her through this dark time or will she give up on life?

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I’m excited to announce that an updated version of A Date with Jesus is now available for purchase in E-book format. Get your copy today!

With the popularity of the book A Date with Jesus, author Carla J. Curtis, has now released an updated version in E-book format. True to the author’s writing style, readers will feel like they’re having a conversation with a close friend rather than reading a book.

A Date with Jesus, is an excellent spiritual tool that will inspire and motivate you to spend “quality time” with Jesus every day. Through the author’s own testimonials, bible scripture, and infusion of witty anecdotes, and practical insight, readers are gently reminded to focus their time and energy on Christ in order to live fulfilled, balanced, and victorious lives.

If you’re not already a fan of Curtis’ inspirational writings, you’ll surely join the ranks of her loyal readership after reading this quick, easy to read essential guide.

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“Writing to me is like gasoline to an automobile, without it I would be immobilized.” Carla J. Curtis